Welcome to your exclusive Wow Manifesto 12 Week Marketing Program.

Congratulations on deciding to invest in yourself and your business, by learning John Dwyer’s unique “direct-response” advertising formula.

As a member of this program, you’ll be able to access “new content” each week, each component walking you through the principles of JD’s system, supported by examples and case studies which will help crystallize everything for you.

Our aim is to make the “learning process” really easy, so you can grasp this opportunity with both hands and start increasing your income as soon as possible.

Underneath each of the 12 components, you’ll see we highlight “the number of days” before that Chapter will be available to you.

We’ve purposely spread the program over 12 weeks so that you have time to digest each component and then move on to the next step.

(We know how busy you are running or setting up a business!)

Again, welcome to this very unique “client-attraction” marketing program and we wish you every success in implementing JD’s ideas and formula for your own benefit.

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